Kenapa Babi Di Haramkan Dalam Islam? (respon video Yusuf Estes)

Why Pork Is Prohibited In Islam?

Berdakwah Kepada Bukan Islam
A dialog with muslims (see how incoherent they are)
Q: Why pork is prohibited in Islam (video by Yusuf Estes) Kenapa Babi DiHaramkan Dalam Islam?
A: Yusuf A.:  keep the filthy pig to yourself.
Admin: they objected to eating pork, but will willingly rape pork eating or non-pork eating 'kafirs'. why? because mad mo say they can?
Yusuf A :  are you dumb...rape is forbidden. what a life you have, rejecting the truth of your very existence
Keith Parks:  Mohamed was a pedophile.
Admin:  who is dumb, but the pagan practice of bowing to the evil spirit of the kaabah. Agree with Keith that mad mo was a pedophile, and a stupid one at that.  The no.1 name of convicted gang rapist is Muhammad, why?  Because the dumb muhammad said they can rape, that's why.  Don't believe?  Ask the mullah and religious teachers.... and oh, ask why the shariah courts allow rapists to marry their victims who are usually children too.
Yusuf A:  Lol, you are so intellectually challenged, you say "who is dumb", haha. Fix your english. Any mullah, religious teacher, even a learned christian pastor will tell you rape is forbidden in Islam, and not just there, but also in Christianity and Judaism. There are no shariah courts that allow rapists to marry their victims, the rapists are punished severely, sometimes even death. Lol, you blindly says pedo, yet you have no knowledge, you fool. His first wife was actually older than him. Later on, several year later, he married Aisha when she was 9 and mature for girls back then mainly because she was the daughter of his most beloved companion who supported him throughout his life, Abu Bakr. He wanted to affirm his companionship with his friend, abu bakr by marrying his daughter at that time. Why don't you open the history books and learn the truth instead of learning from liars and idiots.
Alama Sgma:  Yusuf - Sharia law punished other rapists, but it could not punish its founder Mohd when Mohd himself raped Aisha at 9 yo. By the common sense, a 9 yo girl is not a mature for sex. If Mohd was the true prophet, then he should avoid a sin with a lust of  child sex. It is a shame in Islam when its founder was a lustful warlord. Understand?
Yusuf A.: +Alama Sgma haha, how you deny the facts and lie just to throw a disgusting insult. No dignity in this world. Back then, girls matured earlier, and he had married her. He wasn't lustful, rather his most beloved companion, Abu Bakr, told him of her daughter and wanted her to marry him, and this was a way the bond between the two men was greatly strengthened. His first wife was Khadija, whom he married in his 20's, and he married her for a long time until she died, and he loved her the most, and she was actually older than him. A 45+ year old man doesn't have the sexual power to desire women, which was his age when he married Aisha. Use your brain, you fool.
Alama Sgma:  Yusuf - wrong again. You see Mohd in one way only, but in the other points of view, Mohd was much worse than you think. With his first wife, Mohd did not dare to think about another woman. WHY? because his first wife was HIS BOSS too. However, you forgot about his lustful life dramatically changed after the death of his first wife

By scientific scholars, After his rich first wife died, Mohd in his "MIDDLE-AGE CRISIS" at over 50 became a FREE and POWERFUL WARLORD to do anything as desired. For example, he committed polygamy with various women, child sex with Aisha, incest sex with Zainab,  slave sex with Safyia , and also dream with 72 virgins and 80,000 slaves created to serve him in heaven...

For more accuracy in Hadiths, Mohd could not wait for 72 virgins in heaven, he freely enjoyed sex with at least 22 women (16 wives, 2 slaves, and 4 sex volunteers)

Sahih Al-Bukhari also shocked the civilized world: Mohd had a sexual strength equal to 30 men after his first wife died: He could satisfy 9 wives in
one night or 11 wives during one day and night ! (Sahih Al-Bukhari, Vol. 1:268 and Vol. 7:142).

NOW, we may understand that ONLY SATAN granted Mohd a terrible sex strength like a sex monster to exchange his worship to SATAN!
Admin:  +Yusuf A.
you stupid fool. don't practice your taqiyya here. we know the shariah courts will allow rapists to marry their victims.

Child rapist go free if they marry victim.

Pedoman Harian

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